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Posted on: September 14, 2012

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Posted on: August 12, 2010

I guess all it takes to find a filthy chav slut is to venture to the Tesco car park and see what class of slags leaves the store. Willy spots a blonde chav babe returning the trolley at the car park and immediately jumps out to see what he can do to lure the sexy bitch to the van. Interestingly enough this chav slut knows the Chav Van well. She’s actually seen some of the local whores on the site and was hoping she’d get picked up for a naughty ride. In fact, this nasty bitch even confesses to rubbing one out with fantasies of getting off with a bunch of strangers in a car park. I love a good exhibitionist slut and Cameron really makes my day. The blonde whore begins by exposing those floppy tits of hers to Willy and licks them sexily. Her tacky jewellry clangs about as she explores her body in the busy car park.

It seems like Cameron is half-hoping to get caught and I guess that’s part of her excitement as she plays with her wet pussy. Cameron then wiggles out of her wet knickers and licks the juices off like a naughty slapper and leaves them in her mouth as she plugs her twat with two, then three fingers. She gets on all fours and shows Willy how sexy that chav ass of hers is and whips out her pink dildo. This is when things get interesting as this exhibitionist slut begins demonstrating her blowjob technique using her toy. Once she’s spit lubed her sex toy enough, in her twat it goes and the squelchy sounds are hot as fuck as Cameron moans like the dirty whore she is. Before long she’s wailing and screaming “I’m cummin, I’m cummin” and has a monumental orgasm that I’m sure everyone at the Tesco’s car park heard. What a delicious chav slag!

Posted on: August 12, 2010

The Chav Van boys decide to take a ride over to the dole office to see what kind of class of naughty chav sluts they can find. Imagine their surprise when they run into Candi, an old MILF slut with bleach blonde hair and a constant need to plug her old snatch in public. Sometimes you just got to mix things up a bit and with a nasty old whores like Candi things are bound to get out of hand on the sexy ride. Candi is offered a few quid so she can buy some fags and a deal is struck outside the dole office. In the Chav Van she goes and Candi gets right to work. She shows off her floppy tits. Licks her nipples and takes her pink knickers off.

This old slut is so horny that she even balls up her knickers and stuffs them greedily into her dirty mouth to extract every drop of pussy flavour from it. Now that is what I call a bona fide nasty fucking bitch. She begins playing with her MILF pussy and spreads those legs wide making sure that Willy captures every angle of the horny slag’s cunt. Candi then shoves a finger in her asshole and one in her minge and you can see that this is truly shaping up to be one of the nastiest car park sex scenes ever. Each exhibitionist whore seems nastier than the last, which is why I love this site! Candi finishes up her solo pussy plundering session and has a very loud orgasm that rocks the Chav Van hard. The lusty slag then collects her fag money and leaves the van like this was something she did everyday. What a fucking dirty whore I love it!

Posted on: August 12, 2010

I once heard some American dude exclaim that the sluts he saw are so hot they will make you wanna slap yo momma! Well Holly Kiss is so hot that well you just might want to but you’re more likely to be slapping tha ham or choking tha chicken. Whatever you call having a good wank is what you’ll be having a hankering for once you see how nasty this incredibly sexy chav slut gets. Holly Kiss is wearing a very sexy dress and without a bra no less! If that’s not a sign of a true chav slut then I don’t know what is. The Chav Van boys catch up with the exhibitionist slapper as she walks down the street and invite her in for a naughty ride.

Holly loves getting attention from blokes whether she knows them or not and gets in the van and flashes Willy straight away. She exposes her big tits then begins playing with her wet pussy solo. “Will this be on your next Chav Van episode” she asks. “Of course!” Willy replies letting her know that the sexier and hotter the slag sex show is the more money they’ll throw her way. Excited, Holly tries to put on the best car park and exhibitionist slut show she could muster and I think she’s done a hell of a job. I can tell that this chav slut isn’t faking since she’s truly out of breath after relentlessly plugging up her drenched twat. She lays there licking her fingers and looks like she’s almost ready to give it another go but is just doing her job of making sure all her flavours are licked off of her thick sex toy. I can’t wait to see more of hot posh Holly getting off!

Posted on: August 12, 2010

I love a hot chubby babe any day and chav slut isabel is one sexy brunette slapper that gets nice and dirty in the disgusting Chav Van. Well that’s what she calls it at least. isabel is a slag that will do just about anything for money and even if that means getting off in a dingy old van for some very horny guys. isabel is in college, which is a miracle in and of itself but what makes isabel so special is that she really has a nonchalant attitude about showing the world all her naughty bits. isabel gets naked and the amateur slut slaps her tits together for the camera and then eases her chubby ass in for a hot wank.

She licks her fingers and her sex toy then spreads those legs apart and goes in for the big money shot. This nasty slag even fingers her own asshole, which is fanbloodytastic if you ask me. In fact, more of the chav sluts should take a peek at isabel and learn a few things since this gorgeous slag has got all the right nasty moves a good old fashioned whore knows. isabel moans loudly hoping someone can hear her but since they drove to a secluded car park the chances of anyone hearing her moans of pleasure is slim. That doesn’t mean that this exhibitionist whore isn’t enjoying her solo car park wank any less now that she realizes she’s not in a busy area. At this point she’s getting close to cumming so she arches her back and frantically rubs and pumps her wet cunt with her dildo until she’s climaxing in powerful waves of pure lust. I can’t wait to see this chubby slag getting dicked around!

Posted on: August 12, 2010

I love Kaz B! This busty exhibitionist slut is the best when it comes to solo sex scenes and I love how easy the Chav Van guys make it all look. See a hot chav slut then ask her to come with you without getting too much lip. The busty blonde slapper gets into the van and gets comfortable pretty quick as she gets chatted up by Willy. Flirting shamelessly and telling him all about her most recent shag outdoors Willy is intrigued by Kaz’s naughty car park sex story and begins rubbing the bulge that is now visible through his trousers. Justin yells at him and tells him to get to work and begin filming the scene so Willy continues listening as Kaz finishes up her sexy story.

She then runs a finger over her chest in a provocative manner and asks the guys if they want to see her naked. Willy and Justin enthusiastically say “yes” in unison and Kaz giggles like a schoolgirl as she begins taking her top off. Things get pretty quiet as she lets those big tits flop out and she licks her erect pink nipples. “Mmmm” she says as she peels off her clingy knickers and licks them clean. “I guess I’ll have to let them air dry for a spell until I can put them back on again” she whispers sexily. Kaz then finger fucks her wet twat then licks her fingers hungrily. It’s incredible that some sluts come prepared and Kaz is no exception as she carries her own dildo in her purse so that she can get off wherever she is. She pulls out her toy and begins going to town on that deliciously shaved chav cunt of hers and moans quite loudly. The Chav Van guys look around and realize they’re not within earshot of anyone so they continue to watch slutty Kaz with their tongues hanging out.

Posted on: August 12, 2010

Car park slut and chav porn extraordinaire Kimberly is back for more with the Chav Van boys. Wow was the first thing I uttered when I saw some of the hot shit this total slapper was into. It sure didn’t take a whole lot of convincing to get this voluptuous slag to get into the van and that’s one of the things that got my giblets all tingly. I could already tell that the body underneath those chav-like clothes was going to be sexy. Kimberly is always horny as she confesses all of her dirtiest fantasies once she gets into the van. They park in a secluded car park and have a little chat with Kimberly to get to know more about the busty slut. Kimberly lets them know how much she loves to be a naughty chav girl and how she’s had car park sex and outdoor fucking delights with many partners including some other hot slappers.

The Chav Van blokes were amazed with her story and loved listening to Kimberly talk nasty but their cocks were getting hard and Kimberly has done enough cock teasing and the time was for her to show that wet pussy of hers. Kimberly lets loose those massive tits of hers then licks her nipples, which are hard. This yummy slut then peels off her teeny knickers and finger fucks herself with three fingers then places all three in her mouth greedily. Kimberly is nowhere near done as she them crams her cunt with the sex toy the Chav Van guys have given her and she rams it feverishly in that sopping wet hole making hot squishy noises each time it disappears in her tight chav snatch. When she cums it’s a thing of beauty I tell ya!

Posted on: August 12, 2010

Amateur slut and busty chav whore Kimberly is on her way to God knows where when the Chav Van pulls up beside her and begins chatting up the scantily clad brunette babe. They seem to get right to the point and don’t fanny about when it comes to getting a chav slut to get into the van and Kimberly doesn’t even attempt to put up a fight or really question why. I guess that’s what is expected of a genuine and local chav slapper. First off, I have to just tell you how fucking tasty this bitch looks wearing her skintight mini skirt and looking tempting as fuck. This chav girl is definitely sex on legs and when she gets into the van the guys ask her how she’s feeling and she playfully responds with “very horny!” Of course you know what this means, any slag inside the van that’s feeling even the slightest bit randy needs to remedy the situation and Kimberly doesn’t waste anytime getting down to brass tacks.

She rips her stockings to gain easy access to her wet snatch and begins playing with her pussy. The van continues to move as Kimberly then pulls her top up exposing those mouth watering big tits of hers (which by the way are 100% natural!) and plugs her wet twat relentlessly with two fingers. Kimberly shows that she’s a very naughty chav girl as she manages to diddle her glistening clit in a moving vehicle as well as put on one hell of a hot solo slut show. This exhibitionist whore really is one of the hottest Chav Van babes and if you like them curvy and ultra slutty then you won’t want to miss out on this hot outdoor sex delight!

Posted on: August 12, 2010

Amateur chav slut masie Dee is walking home with her nearly empty bottle of cheap wine and that’s when she runs into the Chav Van guys. They stop since they see her walking a bit funny and begin asking her where in the world she’s off to looking like a complete slag. “I’m on me way home ya bastards!” she exclaims then Willy tells her he’s got a new sex toy just for her. masie’s eyes light up as he says this and cannot wait a moment longer to find out. The guys let her in the van and lo and behold the sex toy they were referring to is none other than a guy named Woody. This horny old git loves amateur whores and if those slappers happen to look hot like masie then even better. Once inside, masie straddles Woody, who’s already got a massive hardon and begins playing with his hard cock.

The Chav Van boys are already on it when it comes to filming slutty masie Dee getting some car park sex and the close up of her with a hard dick deep down her throat is priceless. masie continues sucking off Woody as she takes her top off like a good exhibitionist slut would. She then hops onto his big pole and rides him with an unrelenting lust that only a horny chav slag could muster up. Up and down she rides him until Woody gets his slapper on all fours and bangs her hard making her scream. When Woody erupts in creamy delight he decorates her big tits and pretty face leaving her deliciously cum glazed and freshly fucked. masie has just earned her ride home like a good slut would!

Posted on: August 12, 2010

I’ve seen many chav sluts behaving badly but when I caught sight of Paige Fox in this hot solo slag video I couldn’t help but rub one out to this delicious little chav slut. I love them slender and with long legs and Paige Fox is a tasty exhibitionist tart that I’d love to drill. The Chav Van blokes love a nasty whore and they spend much of their time in pub car parks since there’s bound to be a chav slag leaving the establishment at some point. Paige Fox is found leaving one of these said pubs and while she isn’t drunk and sloppy she’s still a complete slapper. The word around town is that Paige will suck your cock anywhere outdoors and has had plenty of car park sex in her time. In this sexy chav girl scene, Paige takes it all off in the van, which is in a busy car park no less and begins doing a very naughty strip tease.

Paige admits to being a very bad girl and begins fingering her pussy and spreading her twat lips for the world to see. You can see how shiny and wet that cunt of hers is and she begins licking her fingers like a nasty little bitch before plugging her hole with her thick dildo. Paige then lies on her back and spreads those legs in a manner that only a flexible slag can do and begins playing with her asshole! Wow! This slapper really has no shame and I make certain I have a box of tissues handy for the clean up once I bust a nut. Paige moans like a right slag and continues rubbing her clit until she cums and shakes the entire van with each wave of slutty orgasm she reaches. Breathlessly, Paige then slaps her freshly dildo-fucked slag cunt as she giggles at what a naughty exhibitionist whore she is.

Posted on: August 12, 2010

When teen chav Sarah Jayne gets approached by the Chav Van guys she’s as usual looking about as slutty as she possibly can. The busty brunette never leaves the house until she looks like a bona fide whore and loves the attention whether it be good or bad, which makes her the perfect example of a chav slut. Today Sarah Jayne has picked up her dinner from the local take-away shop and runs into some chav hunters. Sarah Jayne has a reputation around town of being a total slapper and since she’s been caught being an exhibitionist in car parks and being a general outdoor whore this attention was not out of the ordinary for her. She happily jumps in the Chav Van and accepts the ride from her horny fans. “Before we take off, you have to show us your bits” one of the guys told her.

Sarah obliged with a naughty gleam in her eye and began lowering her top as the van remained idle in the car park. The guys loved her big boobs and Sarah really enjoyed the attention so she played with her floppy fun bags for a bit before moving onto her drenched pussy. She could already feel the fabric of her knickers sticking to her glistening minge that she began to wiggle about. Sarah told the boys how horny she’s been getting and they all encourage her to take off her drippy drawers and to get to it already. Sarah then spreads her legs regardless of the Chav Van doors being wide open and rubs her pussy and you can hear the squishy sounds of her moist cunt. The sounds intermingled with her slutty moans as she had some solo car park sex was delicious to hear. God I love a good chav slut!

Posted on: August 12, 2010

When Shay found herself walking home from the chip-shop she found herself being followed by a strange van. She didn’t pay much attention to it since she figured it was some of the neighbourhood pervs checking out her chav ass as she walked home. Well I guess you could say it was something like that. In fact, it turns out it was the Chav Van boys and they eventually stop Shay as she walks into a secluded car park as a shortcut to her house to ask her if she’d like a ride home. Shay knew one of the Chav Van boys so she felt safe and they began chatting. Shay finds out that they have a camcorder and since Shay is looking so damn fine today they were wondering what the chances of her showing them her lovely slag snatch would be.

Well lucky for them they have just snagged themselves a genuine exhibitionist slut in heat and Shay doesn’t think twice of showing them what her goodies look like and perhaps even give them an outdoor sex show. Shay was particularly horny at that moment and couldn’t wait to get home so she could rub one out so doing it in front of a couple of horn dogs was no problem and would make her cum even more powerfully. Seeing guys drool over her is something that always got Shay off so she hikes up that skirt and shows off that luscious shaved pussy and goes to town on it rubbing her clit and stuffing her wet hole with her little dildo. Her big tits flop out of her skimpy top and she fucks herself good for those Chav Van boys that I wish I could be there licking clean that drenched cunt of hers. I can’t wait to see more of this car park whore and hot chav slag!

Posted on: August 12, 2010

The very busty exhibitionist slut that is Tanya Cox is looking like a complete whore as she’s off to a party. The sexy brunette slapper has the skimpiest outfit I’ve ever seen a chav-like chick wear and I have to admit it’s hot as fuck. The boys at the Chav Van catch up with Tanya as she walks to her destination and offer her a ride to the party, which is very nice of them. Tanya is no fool though as she knows what they really want in return for that favor of a ride and that’s probably some car park sex. Since she’s such a horny slut their request of wanting to see her trampy cunt is no problem for her whatsoever being she is an unadulterated whore in heat.

Any chance that she can play with that luscious wet snatch of hers is a fine time for her and her aching little chav cunt. Tanya exposes those big tits of hers and licks her perfectly pink nipples for the guys as they capture it all on film for you. She then hikes up that tiny little skirt and shows off her trimmed pussy and how wet it is. She pulls that skimpy little fabric of her knickers aside and starts finger fucking herself before breaking out her extra large dildo. When her dildo makes its appearance, Tanya begins demonstrating her blowjob techniques and my cock is quivering with lust as I watch her make that shaft disappear deep in her dirty mouth. She then plunges that dildo in her sopping wet snatch over and over again in several positions (yes there’s enough room in that shag van!). Tanya then cums as her fat dildo is parting her flappy slag pussy then licks her sex toy clean for the boys and you can bet that they’ll be jerking off to that outdoor solo masturbation video later!

Posted on: August 12, 2010

Chav slappers masie Dee and Tanya Cox go out for a night on the town and find that a few drinks surely make them even sluttier and hornier than usual. Luckily the Chav Van is nearby to capture all of the girl on girl pussy licking fun. The exhibitionist chav girls leave slightly drunk but horny as fuck and ready to put on a hot lezzie show and go into the Chav Van and playfully joke about telling the boys what their drunken celebrations were all about. As it turns out, it is Tanya’s birthday party and they were celebrating it and having a fine ‘ol time at their local pub. As the boys of the Chav Van shut the doors they got the naughty slappers some privacy and let time just do it’s work.

Of course it doesn’t take long for masie and Tanya to start pawing all over each other and then the clothes come off for some hot car park sex. Tanya hikes up her skirt and gives her chav slag buddy easy access to her shaved cunt and masie does the same. Both sexy sluts then go nuts on the sweet flavour of chav pussy and marinate their faces in tempting twat giving the boys of the Chav Van something deliciously hot to look at. Both chav lezzies take turns playing with each other’s juicy tits then nibble on some pink nipples with great enthusiasm making them a pure delight to watch. When the two lusty lesbians cum they rock that Chav Van like it’s never been rocked before making this the best chav girl on girl scene I’ve ever witnessed bar none! If you love chav girls then you’ll fall into lust with these chav slapper lesbos!

Posted on: August 12, 2010

When you order some take away there’s always some time to kill so when Amira De Leon places her order at her favourite Indian take away she’s left waiting for twenty minutes with absolutely nothing to do. Well that’s just when the Chav Van comes to the rescue and picks up the bored Amira and offers her a comfortable area in the van where she could wait for her order and perhaps even rub one out while she waits. There’s never any pressure on the exhibitionist girls and there’s no need to since these chav slags are always on the ready to get their wet snatches off or have some outdoor sex. Amira is one of those slutty Asian chicks that loves getting attention from the male persuasion and does a fine job of wowing them in the Chav Van with that fine ass of hers.

Amira gets nice and comfortable and hikes up that short mini skirt showing off her Asian cunt that is sopping wet. Willy loves the exotic chav girls so you can almost hear him breathing hard as he watches Amira go to town on that yummy cunt of hers. Amira gets on her back and spreads those legs extra wide and throws her feet behind her ears and the Chav Van boys are amazed at how flexible she is. Either way, Amira gives them an amazingly explicit view of her drenched snatch and seeing how horny she’s made Willy makes her have a powerful orgasm that leaves her gasping for breath while she sexily licks her fingers and dildo clean. Now that is what I call a hot Asian car park sex whore! If you like your chav bitches to be of the exotic variety then this horny honey is the slut for you!

Posted on: August 12, 2010

When you’re in traffic and there’s not a whole lot you can do about it what do you do? You get down on some hot chav blowjob fun that’s what you do! Exhibitionist slag and blowjob giver extraordinaire Shay is one tasty piece of ass and she also loves to be the giver of plenty of blowjobs even if they are outdoors. Her cocksucking skills are pretty damn sweet and so are those big tits of hers. Shay has only recently met Woody as he picked her up while she was waiting for the bus. She offered to make his gesture worthwhile. At the moment Woody thought he was just being a fine gentleman giving a lady in distress a ride but when he realizes he’s picked up a chav slut then he begins to feel guilty whilst simultaneously having a secret erection in his now tight fitting trousers. When they hit some gridlock, Shay notices that Woody now really does have a woody and feels like it’s her job to make sure she remedies this situation.

Shay offers Woody a blowjob as their car is at a standstill and Woody is amazed at how forward this chav slag really is. Not really knowing what to do next, he allows Shay to take the reigns in this outdoor sex situation and lets her have her way with him. Shay’s big tits are spilling out of her top as she begins diddling with his zipper and Woody’s cock throbs even harder. Shay then proceeds to blow him and stops to get some air and gives him a handjob as well making sure he’s well taken care of. Woody loves every second of it and ends up blowing his huge wad all over Shay’s pretty slag face. Now that’s a traffic distraction that I would welcome any day!